An ongoing ecumenical case consultation group for depth, meaning, assessment & utilization of spiritual resources



Integrating a client’s faith story as part of psychotherapy can take many forms.  At a basic level, it is about how we listen to our clients and their stories not just for the overt religious themes and content, but for the subtle nuances of ultimate concern, sin, grace, forgiveness, love, vocation, belonging, etc.  Encountering our clients and their story involves opening ourselves to hearing the story wherever it may take us.  Some of our clients’ stories and beliefs may challenge our own understanding and force us to wrestle with our own understandings and beliefs. 


This case consultation group involves shared case material by members in a confidential setting, reflection on the case material through a broad theological lens, and time for personal interaction to enhance therapist growth and development. 


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Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will experience a broadening of appreciation for diverse points of view by reviewing a variety of cases with a diverse group of participants and engaging in dialogue and reflection with a range of ethnic, socio-economic, and religious perspectives. 
  2. Participants will gain an awareness of how to listen for the spiritual story of their clients and learn how to integrate that story with other aspects of therapy.
  3. Participants will grow in an understanding of their own spiritual and religious traditions and learn when and how to appropriately draw on these for the benefit of their clients. 


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