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"My husband and I came to the Counseling Center at Belle Meade United Methodist Church seeking counsel in dealing with our [grown child], but we gained so much more.  Our sessions led us to look openly at many things in ourselves and in our relationships.  Since our sessions with [our counselor], we are stronger together.  We are more considerate and understanding of each other’s feelings and needs.  We have developed much healthier boundaries with our family and we have each grown in self-awareness.  We have continued to grow every day and we are grateful for our time at the counseling center." 

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"About this time last year I confessed to the congregation, where I was employed at the time, that I was struggling with a severe bout of depression. It was a season in my life like none other I had ever experienced, and I was drowning.

Many people don’t know what to do when someone admits to depression. Too often the ones suffering are afraid of being labeled. Things for me progressed from bad to worse until I admitted I needed help. Unfortunately being on staff at a church and admitting depression are not always congruent terms. Instead of help, those suffering from depression are often shut out, misunderstood, shamed, or even given bigger loads to carry, which sinks them further down.

I called a friend who sent me to see Chris O’Rear. Chris is a minister, a former chaplain and now a gifted counselor and he helped me understand the Grace of God like none other. It was worth the price of asking for help. It was worth the embarrassment of admitting my depression. It was worth resigning my position as at the church to find healing."

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“I was skeptical at first about counseling (in general) and wondered what Chris O'Rear could really do to help my wife and me with our marriage. After several sessions, though, I knew we had made a great choice. Chris has a patient, disarming, gently probing style that encouraged us to talk about feelings and understand each other better. Much to my wife's delight, he doesn't set "homework", which allowed us to wrestle with topics at our own pace, and discover and learn in an un-forced way. I couldn't be happier with what we have been able to achieve, with Chris's help, to make our marriage stronger.”
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"I came to work with Chris at a crisis moment in my life. He created a safe space where I could be honest with myself and another human being about the challenges I faced. Chris helped me identify what I could and could not do about the situation, and I was able to work through that initial crises. I decided to continue working with Chris after that point because I found him to be an intuitive, sensitive, and relatable. I stayed in counseling with Chris for about a 18 months, and during that time we addressed everything from my anxiety to my rather quirky relationship with religion. When we started talking about faith issues, I found Chris to be an open, understanding, and careful listener. He received my muddy faith with gentle curiosity and grace. This set me free to explore my spirituality, finding a new depth to my own interior life and discerning the next step in my vocational life. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking counseling."

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