Frequently Asked Questions about Chris

What should I/we call you? 

You can just call me Chris.  


Are you Married? Do you have kids? 

I have been married to Lynda for 30 years. Lynda currently works in the Vanderbilt Cancer Center as a Clinical Trials Coordinator. We have two daughters in their 20's; our oldest is a veterinarian & our youngest is an Nurse.    


Do you have any pets?

We currently have a cat and a black and white pointer who rescued us from our empty nest. We also have a zoo membership.


Do you pastor a church? Are you on the staff of Belle Meade UMC?

Though I do have a seminary degree and am an ordained minister, I do not currently pastor a church and I am not a member of the staff of Belle Meade UMC.  I do teach Sunday School at the church I attend and I get the opportunity to preach at various congregations several times a year.  


If you do our pre-marital counseling, would you do our wedding ceremony? 

As an ordained minister, I am legal to perform weddings in Tennessee and I have done several. I may be able to do a wedding for pre-marital clients, however, doing a wedding ceremony is not a part of pre-marital counseling and is not guaranteed when I do pre-marital counseling for a couple. 


Do you do counseling via the internet?

I do have the capability to provide counseling over the internet via the website.  However, internet sessions are only done with existing clients and generally only as a supplement to in-person sessions.  The client must have been seen in the office previously and signed a release for such sessions.  Sessions are done only with clients residing in Tennessee.  Please ask if you have questions about this service.


Will you do counseling at my home or office?

There are limited reasons and circumstances in which I would provide counseling at another location outside of my office for existing clients.  There is an additional fee for such sessions.  If this is a service that may be of interest, we can talk about it after we have met in the office.  Feel free to ask if you have additional questions.  


How do you spend your spare time?

I love listening to all kinds of music and have large music collection. I enjoy watching movies, football, Predator's Hockey and too much t.v.  I enjoy cutting grass and exercising.  In the past I have enjoyed motorcycles & Taekwondo.  


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